ZWebMedia Tracking SMS Manager

Our FREE SMS Alert service will send you an SMS to your cellphone whenever your parcel USPS tracking status changes.

This is a FREE service. However, please note your telecommunications carrier may charge data usage fees (including additional
charges when roaming) to receive TEXT messages. Please contact your wireless carrier for complete pricing details.

Use this page to manage (turn on or turn off) your tracking update SMS's.

This service is only available for our US based customers.

For security, you can enter EITHER your PayPal transaction number if you have it, OR you must enter BOTH your tracking number AND the shipment ZIP Code.

When you change your settings, the system will send you an SMS to confirm your new settings.

If you receive your status change SMS, then everything is working correctly.

Enter your PayPal transaction number:

- OR -

Enter BOTH your Tracking Number AND your shipment ZIP Code

Enter your USA cellphone number where you want to receive the SMS notifications:

Enable SMS notifications:

If you don't receive your status change SMS within a few moments after SUBMIT, it means something has gone wrong.

No worries, as we will automatically be notified, and we will investigate it for you asap.

You can also send an email to our Support Desk at